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What It Means to Be a Consultant

I have worked in the real estate realm in many different roles over the years..

I have spent time helping buyers and sellers, growing a team, coaching agents towards achievement in their own businesses, and other adventures.

This current role is by far the most simple and yet some days the most demanding.  I'm working for my clients as a Real Estate Consultant.

The word Consultant is important to me.

I picture it like this... A sales person is sitting across from us on the opposite side of the table.  They are extolling the Features & Benefits of their service or product.  They present and we respond.  They make statements, declarations, and promises.  We work to sift through it for validity and substance.  The majority of the sales person's sentences end in a "." period.

A Consultant on the other hand joins us on our side of the table and looks across with us at the world of solutions.  Together, we view every possibility and work toward the end goal.  The Consultant knows our goals because they ask questions along the way.  Our goal becomes the objective of the Consultant and their success is defined by our arrival at our own goals.  The majority of the Consultants sentences end in a "?" question mark.

This sounds simple enough, but choosing to build a business out of asking great questions is harder than one would think.

Taking on another person's goals and making them one's own is easier said than done.

...So is everything.

And while this role requires a stronger emotional and intestinal fortitude than I ever could have imagined, it is also the most gratifying work I have ever done.  The victories I have been a part of for people have also been mine to quietly celebrate.  The safeguards that I have created alongside my clients give me peace of mind.  The trust I believe that I have earned is my most valued prize.

I have leaned on many people when I have had my own tough decisions to make and I am proud to have been there to counsel and consult others during their real estate decisions.

A sincere thank you to everyone who has allowed me to sit on their side of the table and solve puzzles together!

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