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Some Thoughts on Earning Business vs Buying Business

Wednesday AM

I started my day running a spreadsheet for an investment project focused on affordable housing . . . I ended my day up on a roof and then hauling a load of yard debris in order to help an out-of-town seller do what was necessary to sell their house.

In between I stopped to check on contractors working on repairs at a property closing soon because I spent enough years working as a carpenter to know how perfect a cold drink is on a hot afternoon (by the way... If you want your contractors to return your calls, try donuts & coffee in the morning and cold drinks in the afternoon. It goes a long way in the trades).

As I was running the spectrum between laptop/headset and truck/work boots, I was thinking about how honored I feel to do to what I do. It feels great that people trust me with their investments and I'm glad that I'm still strong enough to pitch in when someone just needs some manual labor at a property.

I was also thinking about where my business comes from and a clear idea occurred to me:

EARNING business versus BUYING business

I'm not paying to get my phone to ring and I'm not capturing consumer habits in my web.

I'm just out here working hard for the people that have placed their trust in me. It is important to me that I deserve that trust.

I'm not trying to build an empire. I am trying to build a community.


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